To dream and make it come true..

*sigh* I am a few steps away from my dream.. It is now depends on me, either i want to catch it or let it go. Kept thinking whether i've made the wrong decision, but it is my dream. It is an honour that i now have a chance to pursue it..

When i was a lot younger than today (maybe i was in standard 2), my 'ibu' bought me a novel entitled 'Duta Kecil' published by Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. That novel had given me a new hobby, reading.. Ever since from that time, i started to read more and more novels such as Enid Blyton's, Hardy Boys and etc.. Another famous book in that period is 'Tidurlah Intan', a story book series for primary school students..

I started to know writers as Ramlee Awang Murshid, Aina Emir, Sharifah Abu Salem, Bikash Nur Idris and other senior writers at Alaf 21 when i was in secondary school. That time, i wasn't only fond to read novels, i also wrote a few of short stories (cerpen). Why don't i write a novel? Because it will take a very... long time to write a novel. LOL.. This is when i started to dream of being a novelist, inspired by Ramlee Awang Murshid's writing (ADAM)..

In this few days, i have to write at least two scripts to present to my interviewer this Tuesday. Is it possible? Nothing is impossible unless you give up your dream.. I'll try my best.. Good luck to myself..

p/s : ibu is my foster mother

7 Response to "To dream and make it come true.."

  1. Bainun Waheeda Says:

    wah!! gud luck babe!

  2. yanasaja Says:

    pija feveret aku weh famous five dgn enid blyton tuh!!! besh beshhhh.tapi hari tuh aku g jual kat kitar semula sbb sepah kat umah...teruk plak raseeee

  3. pijapepijat Says:

    benon : thanks..

    yana : asl la ko ko g kitar semule..
    if ko jual kt aku murah2 pown aku sanggup jek beli..huhu..

  4. kUsYuk Says:

    gud luck with ur dream..
    er,what was that dream?

    enid blyton..
    ya,selalu baca buku dari dia.
    gaya bahasa dia kemas dan ringkas.

  5. pijapepijat Says:

    i thought i've mentioned it
    in this post..LOL..
    my dream is to become a novelist..
    a GOOD novelist..XD

  6. kUsYuk Says:

    was scanning ur post..
    tu yang tak perasan..

  7. pijapepijat Says:

    its olay la kusyuk..XD