Talking rubbish..

Mode : my habit, tend to speak to the wall..

Sometimes, we just don't realize how we've hurt someone else.. Because there is no actual guide to take care of somebody's heart.. What we can do is think, before we shout something out of our damn gorgeous mouth.. It is not hard, we just have to use our brain.. But for whom whose brain are useless, my million dollar words here mean nothing..

P/s : Okay.. This has nothing to do with anyone out there but only my endless 'i-feel-bored' babbling.. Please take note that i'm having an ugly PMS here... Ciao..^^

Till the day we meet again

From the last poem
which i have wrote in the sweet scent of summer..

These will never last,
our loneliness..
While sitting under a tree,
in a heavy downpour,
with an umbrella on me other hand..
from here i write a new one..

To the days when
we walk together
while holding each other hands..
Laughing violently
over each of funny thing we have seen.
our body are now thousands miles apart,
our heart seems to be not.

Remembering the days,
for now i have lose my warmth..
i am lying on the floor
without any feelings
only cold.
in this winter of sorrow,
without that other part of mine.

i shall keep it as promised..
To keep walking and not stop by,
any road or street as i walk by..
Until the day we shall meet again.

Wednesday 9th|June|2010
Wednesday 30th |June|2010
it's a sudden